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Creamy Roasted Poblano Polenta

Today I worked away in the kitchen on a new recipe: Creamy Roasted Poblano Polenta. This simple dish comes together with just a handful of ingredients but still has a wow factor. It would be great as a Thanksgiving side dish, and could easily double as a vegetarian entree if topped with some roasted vegetables or a chunky tomato sauce!

Creamy Roasted Poblano Polenta

serves 6 as a side


1 c dry polenta

2 c vegetable broth + 2 c water (or any combination to get to 4 cups total liquid)

2 medium poblano peppers

1/2 c frozen corn kernels

1/4 c sour cream

1 tsp hot sauce (optional)

1/3 c sharp cheddar cheese (optional)

salt and pepper to taste

I buy my polenta from the bulk food section and store it in a mason jar. :)


1. Place peppers on a sheet pan under the broiler until skin is blistered (about 15 minutes), turning once.

2. Put roasted peppers in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. The steam will help loosen the skins, making them easier to peel.

3. Once cool enough to handle, peel the charred skin off of the peppers. Discard skin, stem, and seeds and dice the rest.

4. Bring the vegetable broth and water to a boil in a large sauce pan. (You can use any combination of broth & water to get to 4 cups. Use a 4:1 liquid to polenta ratio.)

5. Once boiling, whisk in the polenta. Reduce heat to medium-low and cook until thick, about 15 minutes, stirring often (if not constantly.)

6. Remove from heat and stir in the corn kernels (no need to defrost), diced poblanos, and sour cream. Taste and add salt and pepper if necessary.

7. If you prefer it to be spicier (poblanos are mild), you can add a teaspoon or 2 of hot sauce. Or you could add a non-spicy bite by stirring in some sharp cheddar cheese. I used one teaspoon of this guy:

8. Stir to combine, and enjoy!

I had fun serving this up in small, individual dishes. :)

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  1. This looks delicious, Lizz! When are you going to fix it for us???

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