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What Fun!

I have been having a great weekend! How about you?

After a good day at work on Friday, I had a lovely low-key evening with my pup. We went for a walk, and then watched episodes of The Office online, since Friday night TV is garbage. After that, we watched garbage. :) Dinner was reheated leftover roasted poblano polenta with a bunch of cheese. Yum!

Saturday morning was an early one since I volunteered at the Market to Market Relay. I made a quick breakfast out of a toasted cream cheese and jam sandwich that I ate on my way out the door.

The Market to Market Relay is an 86 mile race that goes from Omaha to Lincoln (Omaha's Old Market to Lincoln's Haymarket...hence 'Market to Market'.) Teams are made up of 6-8 people and there are 21 exchange points. Each team member runs about 3 4-mile segments throughout the day. Sounds like such fun! The day was beautiful, but got up into the 80s in the afternoon. This race was held on the same weekend last year and there was snow on the ground! Crazy Nebraska weather.

I worked at the start line, which meant I needed to report at 5:15am. It was dark until close to 8:00 so I got to sport an awesome reflective vest and glow sticks to direct traffic.

There were 4 waves that were spaced 45 minutes apart, the 1st of which started at 6:00am. Each wave had about 70 teams, so the race actually felt quite small. I imagine you end up running alone much of the time, which would be kinda weird. Especially since most of the race is in the middle-of-nowhere Nebraska.

However, this race is in high-demand. They expand it every year and they still have to use a lottery system to pick teams. I totally see why! It is unlike any other race I've seen around here. Plus people really get into it my dressing in costumes and decorating their team vans. Being so close to the action really made me want to run it next year! And I have to say, volunteering at a race is a lot of fun. Every 'thank you' I got made me feel so good. Plus most of the other volunteers were runners so we had lots to talk about. I may have even learned about a few more races to put on my 'to-do' list. ;)

After wrapping up around 8:30, I stopped at the farmer's market that was across the street from the start line. It was the last weekend for the market, so I'm glad it was so convenient. I started with a little 'second breakfast'.

I went with the 'Huevo' without meat and with hot sauce. It was made to order and really hit the spot.

I walked around and browsed for a little bit, but there was one thing in particular that I was looking for...


I like the strange colored ones, so I got a round white one and a flat grey/green one. Kate called them "Casper" and "Frankenstein". :) I also got 3 baby pumpkins, which I do every year, for me, Kate, and Stella. I'm a big dork, I know.

I also got these beautiful flowers for my sister since we were celebrating her birthday that afternoon.

We have a tradition in my family where our parents will cook our favorite meal for our birthday dinner. We all get excited when Jenny's birthday rolls around because she always chooses eggs benedict! Hollandaise is usually disaster when made in restaurants (from my experience) so I hold out 'til October for the good stuff.

My sisters and I all showed up wearing purple. We even made purple drinks!

And of course there were mimosas (or Champagne with a splash of orange juice ;) ) to go with the eggs.

My parents made crab cakes and decided to try their hand at a vegetarian version. No fake crab here, just extra veggies and some cracker crumbs to hold it together. It was really good!

Happy birthday, Jen!!

The fun continued into Saturday night. Some of our friends organize a 'Fall Ball' every year. It's kinda like a homecoming for grown-ups. I like any excuse to get dolled up, and Kate likes any excuse to dance. Count us in!

The night filled with friends...


...a few drinks...

...and playing with fire. (Ok, it wasn't real fire.)

It was a lot of fun! I'm a fairly reserved person as it is, and marathon training made it really easy to turn down late nights out. I feel like I haven't been able to hang out like this in a long time!

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  1. Actually, their full names are “Casper the Friendly Gourd” and “Pumpkinstein”.

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