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Too Much of a Good Thing

Yesterday was gorgeous. It was a quintessential spring day, and I was determined to soak it up. I got up early and enjoyed a biscuit with cheddar, orange slices, and coffee.

Then I met my friend Jonathan at the downtown Farmer's Market at 8:30. Gotta get there early on opening weekend!

After perusing, Jonathan and I decided to take a walk across the Pedestrian Bridge. It was so nice to walk and talk, catching up.

Since the day was so lovely, I decided to treat myself by driving to my favorite running trail, The Wabash Trace. I had tossed some things in my glove compartment, just in case the urge to run hit.

  • Garmin
  • ipod
  • fuel
  • sunscreen

Oh, man, it was so beautiful! Blue skies, blooming trees, warm sun.

I smiled and said to myself, "This is why I run. To enjoy these things."

After a quick 3 miles, I headed back to Omaha to shop for the Mother's Day dinner I was hosting the next day. But before I started shopping, I hit up the salad bar for some fresh greens and things.

I headed home, unloaded the groceries, and cleaned my car. Well, I took it to a car wash first, but I vacuumed it at home. Be gone, winter salt and sand!

And then I had to do something I hadn't counted on...I rescued a snake from my dogs! Yeah, we have garter snakes in our backyard. When Stella finds them, she just barks at them. But Barley is a little more aggressive. As soon as I saw him pick one up and run away with it, I knew we were in trouble. Stella and Barley always want whatever the other has. So before anything too gross happened, I went out and took the snake away from him. Yep, I actually picked it up. And then I put it in my neighbor's yard. (Don't tell.) I felt bad afterwards...I realized I'd freak if I saw someone putting a snake in my yard, so I've already made a plan for next time. There is a space between the fence and the garage that the dogs can't get to (where I'm pretty sure snakes live anyway), so I'll put any future rescues there. Ok, enough snake talk. Wait, what's that? You want a picture? Ok. :) (He's just a little guy.)

After that hullaballo, I moved to the front of the house where I put out some sun tea and set up my patio furniture.

As I was trying to snap some photos, I kept having to stop to sneeze. I have pretty bad seasonal allergies (as in, I've been carrying around a box of tissues with me everywhere I go), but this was worse than usual. My nose was running like a faucet and my eyes were SO itchy. I finally finished up on the porch, and headed inside. That's when I realized that my eyes looked like this.

YIKES!! No wonder I felt so bad! I immediately took out my contacts, put in some eye drops, popped a Benedryl, and took a shower. I felt better, but knew I'd have to stay indoors for the rest of the day. Spring kind of came out of nowhere this year, and I think my allergies took a hard hit. Maybe spending all day outside was like tossing them in the deep end. Hopefully I'll get over this soon!

I made myself an orange/strawberry/banana smoothie and then joined my friends at the bar to watch the Kentucky Derby...which I've never seen before. How exciting!!

Today I'm feeling better. I'll be wearing my glasses for awhile just in case, but that's nothing new. However, I have to wear my contacts to run (my glasses fly off my face), which I'm a little worried about. You see, I registered for 3 races last night! I'll be doing the Lucky Bucket 7K trail run next Saturday (a fun, muddy, beer-drinking race), the Council Bluffs Half Marathon on the 22nd (hoping it goes better than last year!), and the Boys Town Memorial Day 5-Miler (one of my favorites).

Should be a fun month. I hope my allergies cooperate!

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  1. your red eyes made my eyes water. ouch! hope you are feeling better today.
    Kelly recently posted..happy mother’s day

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