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Hi, there! Sorry I've been away for a few days. I've been working hard on a new project...blogging for Midtown Crossing! I'll give you more details at a later date, but you can click over to see my first post: Happy Hour at Cantina Laredo. :)

In other "news", we finally broke out the juicer!

I'm happy to report that it worked very well. And it' not extremely loud...quieter than a blender. The first combo we tried was cucumber/pineapple/orange.

This was a whole cucumber, the core of a pineapple, and 1/2 of an orange (peeled). It tasted really fresh and smelled AMAZING!

But I think the cucumber muted the other flavors.

Next up was orange/apple/celery.

The celery flavor comes through strong, so don't expect it to be masked! But it's the first thing you taste, and the sweetness of the apple is the last. I really liked it!

The instructions say to clean it right away after use. In fact, the lengthy warning made me a little nervous:

"Clean your Super Juicer after you use it. That means immediately afterward. If you wait, the Super Juicer could become clogged with pulp. The fibers become more difficult to remove as they dry. If the fibers hang around they'll encourage the growth of bacteria. The best way to clean is with warm water and a stiff brush right away."

At least they're honest!

The other thing that concerns me is all of the pulp it produces!

Until we figure out another way to use it (muffins??), it's going straight into the compost bin. Any suggestions?

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