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Happy Birthday, Eli!

This weekend, my little baby nephew turned 4!

Eli is my younger sister's son, and he is the youngest member of our family. I can't believe he's 4 years old!

On Saturday, my sister took him on a scavenger hunt around town (how fun!), and our house was one of the stops. His clue to get to our house was a coloring book starring a dog that was a firefighter. :)

We decided to leave him a little clue, too. I wanted to include pictures so he could figure it out on his own. He got it right away!

On Sunday, he had a little birthday party at a miniature golf course...one of his favorite activities. He even got a hole-in-one on his very first putt!

When my nephews are little, I'm kind of a lame gift-giver. I always want to get them something they need, because I know they grow out of everything so quickly! (However, let it be known that Eli actually hugged the jean shorts that I got him when he opened them! ;) )

But I try to make up for it with candy and silly toys. Most of them went over well, but apparently Eli does not care for sour candy. This is his "But I don't like sour candy, Aunt Lizz!" face.

I told him he could share it with his cousins. :)

He got some other really cool things like a fishing rod, a bike, and a pool. Must be fun to be 4!

But the cutest gift of all was from his cousin Ethan (my 6-year-old nephew). He put together a little bucket of toys from his own room to give to Eli. And he was so excited to give it to him...so sweet!!

The fact that there was a whoopie cushion in there took the cake. Eli has been calling everyone "Tootie" for months now, so this was right up his alley!

It was such a gorgeous day - and everybody had a lot of fun!

Happy Birthday, Eli! Love you!

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