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Wedding Wednesday – Fabric Flowers

I finally embarked on a fabric craft! With a little research, I turned up this fabric flower tutorial. They are a little time-intensive, but they're oh-so-cute.

And I think they're totally worth the effort because they will have a 4-fold purpose:

  • Place Cards/Escort Cards: I plan to use floral wire to attach leaves made out of card stock to display names and table assignments.
  • Decorations: I think they will be so cute displayed in flower boxes or flower pots at the barn entrance. Then they can be placed in vases or jars on the tables, so they'll be used as decorations in 2 places!

  • Writing Utensils: I decided to use pencils for stems. We will most likely have some sort of activity that will involve writing, and this way people won't have to go searching for pens.

  • Gifts: Of course they're so cute everyone will want to keep them. ;) Plus, they're functional! I think they're a fun little gift for our guests to bring home with them.

What do you think? Cutie patootie? I'm smitten. :)

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  1. very cute!

    it would look ever cuter if your covered a guest book with matching fabric and left some of these pens out near it!

  2. Hey Liz,

    Pretty glad to see what you,ve created. Jumped here to get some ideas and got plenty. Planning to decorate an oval clay lamp (with holes in it) with canvas stars and a moon propped on copper wire. The idea is to light the lamp and light up a private sky in my room. Thanks.

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