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Goals, Revisited

Hello, there! I'm gonna have to ask you for a pass on this week's Wedding Wednesday post. I got home late last night from a "girls night" with my mom and sisters, so I never got around to posting. I'll try to think of something good for next week. :)

In other news, today is July 14th. Which means tomorrow is someone's (Kate's) birthday!

It also means that 2011 is more than half over...can you believe it?! I figured now would be a good time to revisit the goals I set for this year. I've only got 5.5 months to finish them up!

2011 Goals


  • Keep to my physical therapy plan. - Done! - I have finished physical therapy and have been cleared to run.
  • Set a Half Marathon PR. - Done! - With a time of 1:54:18, I set a new PR at the Lincoln half marathon!
  • Incorporate strength training. - In Progress - I have been doing a mix of yoga and upper body strength training. I need to keep this up through marathon training!


  • Continue regular check-ups. - In Progress - I have been to my yearly eye doctor appointment and my 1st of 2 dental cleanings. I have my 2nd dental cleaning scheduled, but I still need to schedule my annual physical exam.
  • Floss 3+ times per week. - In Progress - I really want to call this one done, but I suppose I still need to keep it up for the rest of the year! However, it has become a habit of mine, and I got a "Keep up the good work!" from my dentist at my exam.


  • Find something that works for me at my job. - Done! and In Progress - I get 2 statuses here, because I am taking 2 approaches. I landed myself a part-time job as a blogger for Midtown Crossing, which makes me really happy. However, I'm still working on finding the right fit for me at my full-time job. We are in a bit of a crunch right now, so little movement is possible, but I definitely see opportunities in the future. I will continue to keep an open mind and have open discussions with my manager.
  • Increase blog readership by 15%. - In Progress - I have taken some measures to grow readership, and I have definitely seen results. I just need to keep it up through the rest of the year!


  • Set a general house budget. - Not Started - Sigh. This one is hard. But I still think it needs to be done.


  • Plan our wedding- In Progress - We have set a date + booked a venue, and I bought a dress! Of course, there is still much to be done.
  • Have 2 date nights per month. - In Progress - We started off strong, but then we both got really busy. Sometimes our date nights have just been watching a movie at home together, but I'd like to find ways to make them more special. Maybe cook dinner together or play a game, etc.
  • Have people over at least 4 times. - In Progress - We have already had people over 3 times this year: birthday brunch, Mother's Day dinner, and breakfast club. It's really not as difficult as I thought it would be. :)
  • Keep in touch with out-of-town friends. - In Progress - I am so glad I set this goal! I have definitely been reaching out to my out-of-town friends and family much more.


  • Volunteer. - In Progress - I have been volunteering once a month at Completely Kids with a group of coworkers. We fill backpacks with food for children that may not have enough at home over the weekends. I still need to volunteer at a race, and I would like to find another organization to commit some time to.
  • Read 10 books. - In Progress - I started off at a good pace, but I'm definitely behind now! I have only completed 2 books (The Sweet Hereafter and Wuthering Heights.) I never finished In Defense of Food, and I just started To Kill a Mockingbird. I better pick it up or I'll never finish 10 books this year!

To recap, here is what I need to focus on for the rest of the year.

To Do:

  • Set up doctor's appointment.
  • Have at least 1 more gathering at our house.
  • Set a house budget!
  • Plan 2 date nights each month.
  • Volunteer at a race.
  • Finish reading 8 more books.

Keep Up With:

  • Strength training
  • Flossing
  • Finding a good fit in the workplace
  • Blog readership
  • Wedding planning
  • Staying in touch with out-of-town friends & family
  • Volunteering

My list might look just as long as it did at the beginning of the year, but I am feeling quite accomplished!

How are your New Year's Resolutions / Goals for 2011 going?

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  1. Wow! You’re much better at New Year’s resolutions than I am! Keep up the good work!

  2. The picture made me think that “buy Kate more presents” was one of your goals…I think you should add it to the list!

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