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Wedding Wednesday – Invitation Ideas

I don't have any real wedding updates this week, except that we've started looking at invitation styles. As I mentioned in this post, our good friend, Anne, has generously offered to design our invitations for us. She recently helped us get the ball rolling by sending us a bunch of examples to get a feel for what style we like.

Kate and I decided to flip through the 40 or so examples and quickly identify which ones we gravitated towards. We did this separately, so as not to sway the other's opinion....hoping that there would be an obvious place where we overlapped.

Well, we each ended up up with 10 "favorites". How many do you think matched?? The answer: 2. Not horrible, but I thought it'd be more. However, after talking about our choices, it was easy to see that we're on the same page. Neither of us chose something that the other absolutely hated. And I think all of our choices have a similar tone. (Although, I have yet to send them back to Anne for her official graphic design analysis.)

Here are the things we noticed:

  • We do not like formal invitations.
  • We like simple font. (ie, no script or caligraphy)
  • We like something that is easy to read.
  • We like when the names are large and can be seen from a distance.
  • We do not like them too cluttered.
  • Kate seemed to pick a lot of "nature" themes (trees, birds, etc)
  • I seemed to pick those without any pictures but with bold text & color, instead.

So, that's where we are with invitations. Next we'll probably do another go-through where we consolidate & re-evaluate our picks. And then we'll send them off to Anne where she will work her magic!

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  1. question: are you guys sending save the dates? if not, why not? i’m asking cause i thought they’re customary. well, i’m guessing we kinda have to because of the whole “we’re getting married on the other side of the world so please start saving now for that plane ticket” situation. so i’m wondering if they’re customary only for “destination weddings”. omaha will be a destination for me, but i’m guessing most of your guests will be local-ish. i know i could google this but whenever i try to google wedding related stuff that website the knot comes up and i cannot stand reading it. it looks like a good repository of information, but waaay to overwhelming for me.

    in other news the other day i LOVED a dress that i saw on pinterest, then i tracked it down the next day, and turns out it’s a vera wang. there that goes…

    • yep, i think we’ll send save the dates, too. probably about 6 months out. i think they are becoming more and more customary, especially with summer weddings, since there is so much going on at that time and people are trying to plan vacations.

      too bad about the dress. did you actually see a price? i only ask because david’s bridal carries some vera wang dresses, and they’re not all crazy expensive. i think some are $600…and might even go on sale?? anyway, might be worth checking out the davids bridal website.

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