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30 Day Challenge – Half Way Point

Well, we are officially half way through our 30 Day Challenge! Actually, today marked day 16...and we're both still going strong. However, I can't say that it's all been easy. In fact, I've had some major cravings for things lately that have kind of surprised me.

Things I'm Missing

Soy Sauce

Maybe it's all the veggies we've been eating, but I just want to make a big ol' stir fry. Or some veggie dumplings. Mmmmmmm.

Coffee Creamer

A vice of mine, I usually use non-dairy powdered creamer. I like how it doesn't cool down my coffee and makes it creamy without making it sweet. I've been using almond milk and coconut milk during the challenge, and I think it makes my coffee taste funny. Maybe a little sour?

Eating in Restaurants

I love to cook, but sometimes you just want to go out, you know? Restaurant pickings would be pretty slim for me right now. However, I did come home with a superb salad from the Whole Foods salad bar the other night!

Junk Food

You'd think all of this healthy eating would make me turned off by junk food. Granted, I am definitely craving fruit and vegetables more (hooray!), but I've been missing junk food like crazy. I'm a little worried what the first day back in "the real world" will entail for me. I'm currently thinking spinach and artichoke dip and a few beers at Old Chicago...

There have also been a few foods making regular appearances at mealtime, and I'm loving them even more.

Things I'm Loving

Hot Sauce

All of a sudden I put this on everything. Love!

Sweet Potatoes

These make for a quick, easy, and hot meal. (Really good with hot sauce.)


I've never been a huge egg eater, but as one of my main sources of protein during the challenge, they have become a new fave. Again, I like that they offer a warm meal in a time when salads and smoothies seem to be obvious options. (Also really, really good with hot sauce. ;) )

Things I'm Eating Too Much Of


I like nuts, but they have become a bigger part of my diet than I had bargained for. Anything that used to use flour (pancakes, muffins, brownies) we now make with almond meal. Granola is basically just nuts in a bowl. And when I'm craving a salty snack, nuts stand in where I'd usually grab cheese and crackers or chips.

Things I'm Not Eating Enough Of


I told myself that I would only eat beans that I soaked and cooked from dry myself. That's great and all, but not very convenient. I have made a batch of chickpeas and a batch of kidney beans so far. I'd like to try more. In fact, I'd love to make some hummus.

Things I'm Not Missing as Much as I Thought I Would


Big shock here! I thought I'd be jonesing for cheese every day. Sure, the thought of pizza is mind-blowing at the moment, but it's not all-consuming, like I was worried it'd be.


I'm not a big drinker as it is, but I still thought it'd be hard to give it up for 30 days. Sure, it was hard to not have a beer at happy hour or during the last (horrible!) Red Sox games of the season, but after the first few minutes, I was fine. We even survived my brother in law's poker tournament birthday party on seltzer with lime and ginger beers. (Let me tell you, it was AWESOME to wake up feeling rested and hydrated the next day!)

Let's see how much of this stays the same during the second half of the challenge!


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  1. Hi Lizz – I just found your blog and wanted to say I love it! I am a fellow Nebraskan and I happen to eat paleo (I’m also allergic to soy). Try coconut aminos in place of soy sauce – you can find it at Whole Foods and it is an awesome alternative. Get your stir fry on! :-)

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