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Vacation in Santa Fe

Well, we are home from vacation in Santa Fe. Simply put, it was awesome.

We stayed at the Encantado Resort, which felt so out of our league. We joked that we were "2-star girls staying in a 5-star resort." So we soaked it up. And tipped everyone we saw. :)

As I mentioned in my last post, we got upgraded to a "casita" because of a little mix-up with our reservation. It was so lovely. I'm trying to figure out how to make our house feel more like it, but all I can come up with is teaching Stella how to perform turn-down service.

(2-Star Girls Confession: We had no idea what turn-down service involved so we always said "no, thank you" when they showed up at our door. Then one night we were gone when they came by so they did it anyway. Of course, we squealed with delight to see our bed nicely un-tucked, slippers set out, a lavender sachet on the pillow, and a carafe of water plus glasses on the bedside tables. They also closed all of the curtains, dimmed the lights, turned on the TV, and set out the breakfast room-service menu.)

This trip was just for us. We wanted to go somewhere that neither of us had ever been and discover it together. We didn't want a big list of things we had to do or to be on a tight schedule. And we splurged on the hotel because we wanted to enjoy some down time.

(2-Star Girls Confession: We definitely scored a sweet deal on this hotel through Orbitz because it's the shoulder season in Santa Fe. We did a flight + hotel + car rental combo, and could have never afforded to pay full price. In fact, I wouldn't even spring for a rental car upgrade, so we were stuck driving a 1.2L Chevy Aveo up a mountain...luckily people drive slowly in New Mexico.)

It worked out wonderfully. There was the perfect mix of relaxing mornings, active afternoons, and leisurely evenings. We drank copious amounts of coffee in the room, ate amazing food, found a new favorite beer (that, unfortunately, is not distributed in Nebraska), and made good friends with the bartender at the resort restaurant. We walked around downtown, worked out in the gym, and went hiking in the mountains. We took baths in the incredible 100 gallon bathtub (yep, still gushing about that thing), watched movies in bed, and soaked in natural hot springs. Ahhhhh, I already want to go back.

To top it all off, we had no issues with our flights or our luggage. And this handsome fellow met us at the airport to bring us home in style. We tipped him in gummy bears. Maybe we're 2.5-star girls now. ;)

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  1. Love the outfit husband!

  2. oh sean, always the gentleman!

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