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Christmas Crafts

As I mentioned last night, I held a Craft Day at my house this weekend!

My original plan to make a winter wreath was derailed when I couldn't focus long enough to pick something out at the craft store. However, I had picked up a few things to have on hand for "emergency" crafting, and ended up with some really adorable gifts and decorations!

I bought these clear glass ball ornaments (50% off at Hobby Lobby) and decorated them 2 different ways.

Mess Free Glitter Ornaments

I found this tutorial for mess free glitter ornaments on Pinterest and was immediately intringued. The glitter goes inside the ornament, so you don't have to worry about it getting all over everything! And the really interesting part? You use liquid floor wax to get it to stick!

I had a little trouble finding the exact brand that was recommended on the tutorial (ended up finding it at Ace Hardware), but I'm sure there are others out there that would work. Just make sure it's floor wax/finisher and NOT floor cleaner (that won't stick.)

You swirl a bit of the wax inside the bulb (don't shake it because it will froth/bubble) and drain out the excess. Next, funnel in a bunch of glitter, gently turn to coat, and dump out any extra. I used green, blue, and white glitter. So pretty!

The tutorial recommends fine glitter for better coverage, but I think my regular glitter turned out just fine. And doens't the white look like *snow*?!

Pretty Painted Ornaments

The other way I decorated the clear balls was with paint - again, on the inside. You squirt a little acrylic paint into the bulb (one color at a time), cover the hole with a paper towel, and shake vigorously to spread it around. Then add another color and do the same thing. It's hard to predict how they'll turn out, but that's kind of the fun of it!

(These little containers of paint were about $1 each at Walmart)

Let the painted bulbs dry upside down overnight. You could put them back in the box with a bit of tissue at the bottom to soak up the extra paint or place them over a small Dixie cup.

My clear bulbs had a bit of an irridescent sheen to them which really made these guys look pretty!

Adorable Clothespin Magnets

This last craft was probably my favorite - and it wasn't even Christmas related! However, I think these clothespin magnets would make an adorable teacher's gift!

I just took some plain wooden clothespins, painted them with acrylic craft paint (the same stuff I used for the ornaments above), attached a magnet strip to the back, and topped them with decorative paper.

I picked up a some scrapbooking paper all in a certain color family, making sure to choose pieces with tiny prints since the surface area of a clothespin is pretty small.

I used the shiny (not matte) Mod Podge to adhear the paper to the front of the painted clothespins and then applied another coat of Mod Podge on top to seal it.

I just LOVE how they turned out! 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 pink

They are definitely something kids could help out with, and they can be customized for any occasion or recipient (maybe dinosaur paper for a Science teacher or numbers and letters for kindergarten.) And they are useful! Just make sure you use a strong/large enough magnet to hold a few sheets of paper. My magnets were labeled as being strength 2 of 5, and I used about an inch on each one.

Have you done any crafts lately? Please share!! I can always use more ideas!

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  1. whoa, whoa, whoa……where are the instructions on how to make awesome 80′s style sweatbands with hot loops?

  2. LOVE the clothespins! I may have to try that one…

  3. Definitely just pinned the clothespin idea(no pun intended)! So cute.

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