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2011 Goals – Revisited

Last year I publicly set my annual goals for the first time. After several years of successfully completing my New Year's resolutions "secretly", I decided to go a little bigger - thinking the public attention would give me a little boost to get a bit more tackled. And then I went crazy and ended up with a "trimmed down" list of 14 goals. Let's see how I did!


  • Keep to my physical therapy plan. - Success! I kept up with my physical therapy exercises and ran the Lincoln half marathon pain free in May!
  • Set a Half Marathon PR. - Success! I cut just over a minute off of my PR by finishing Lincoln in 1:54:18!
  • Incorporate strength training. - Success! Although not as robust as I would have liked, I have to give myself credit for the PT and ab work that I kept up with while training for my marathon and half marathons.


  • Continue regular check-ups. - Success! I've been to the doctor, the dentist, the physical therapist, and the optometrist. Hooray for insurance!
  • Floss 3+ times per week. - Success! I used to hate flossing, but now it's quick and painless. And I just love getting rave reviews from the dentist!


  • Find something that works for me at my job. - Failure! Although there have been some discussions about finding a better fit for me, they are still just discussions. Work was crazy this year and they needed me to keep doing what I do. Although it's nice to feel needed, I'm realizing it will always be this way if I don't do something about it...
  • Increase blog readership by 15%. - Success! I still haven't found my perfect blog "niche", but I'm working on it. I've definitely started stepping away from trying to mimic the blogs I read and just doing what feels good for me. Lots of work yet to be done, but I'm liking my blog more and more!


  • Set a general house budget. - Failure! I even set this one up to be easy by calling it a "general" house budget. Still, it was too daunting to tackle. We really need to do this!


  • Plan our wedding. - Failure! I hate refering to anything about our wedding as a failure, but planning it has been sloooooow going. We set a date, booked a venue for the reception, secured a photographer, and purchased the dress & suit, but nothing else has been finalized. Although, discussion has been abundent lately!
  • Have 2 date nights per month. - Success? After the first few months, I stopped keeping track of the actual dates. However, Katie and I have been making an effort to spend time together, just the 2 of us. And I am learning that she is willing to do just about anything if I plan it...hence dragging her to the ballet twice this fall!
  • Have people over at least 4 times. - Success! I'm so glad I set this goal because it really stretched me to go out of my comfort zone. And I loved it! We hosted a birthday brunch, Mother's Day dinner, a breakfast with friends, and a craft day this year. Woohoo!
  • Keep in touch with out-of-town friends. - Success! This is another one where I've improved but could still do better. However, I love that I have increased correspondence with my grandmother so much, and I am definitely in touch with old friends more than ever!


  • Volunteer. - Success? I volunteered several times at Completely Kids through work. I love what we do there but would like to do more in my personal time and/or with Kate. I also volunteered at one race, which is much less often than I'd like.
  • Read 10 books. - Failure! I knew this one would be hard for me, but I'm still quite disapointed. I found that I spend a lot more time reading blogs than I do books. Which really isn't that bad - I learn a LOT from reading blogs - but I do miss books. I ended up reading 6 (In Defense of Food, The Sweet Hereafter, Wuthering Heights, To Kill a Mockingbird, Elisabeth: The Princess Bride, and Again to Carthage) as well as listen to one book on CD while driving to/from Kansas City (The How of Happiness). Still a far cry from my original goal!

Extra Credit:

  • Set a marathon PR. - Success! I cut more than 10 minutes off of my previous PR, and I finished a marathon without injury for the first time!! (marathon recap)

I'd say I had a successful year overall! In fact, here's how I'd grade myself (nerd alert!):

  • Fitness: 30/30
  • Health: 20/20
  • Professional: 10/20
  • Financial: 0/10
  • Relationships: 28/40
  • Personal: 15/20
  • Total: 103/140
  • Extra Credit: 10
  • Grand Total: 113/140 = 81%

Stay tuned for my 2012 goals...there are some fun ones!

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  1. Wow! What a successful year you’ve had! I feel like a rock in comparison — it is important to make sure we are doing the things that are important to us on a daily basis because those days add up to a lifetime very quickly. There are no “do-overs” though thankfully we can start over anew several times a day if we want.

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