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Wedding Wednesday – Inside the Barn

Wedding Thursday just doesn't sound right. Play along?

A few weekends ago, my Mom, Katie, & I went out to see our reception site again...the Ackerhurst Dairy Barn. Now that planning is in full (FULL!) swing, we needed to get some measurements and a good feel for layout etc. Plus, my Mom hadn't seen it yet! I remembered to snap some pictures this time and thought you might be interested.

Here is the outside:

And here are some pictures of the (bare bones) inside:

Nice and basic white-washed walls and a smooth cement floor. The light coming in all the windows is really nice. And the garage doors open (I believe there are 3), so if it's really nice out we think we'll have one open to an outdoor patio area.

It might not look like much from the photos, but I am so happy that I still love it. We've got LOTS of plans to pretty it up for the big day. And we are so, so lucky that we are able to get into the space pretty much all WEEK leading up to the wedding, which isn't until Saturday. Plenty of time to make the space ours. I'm getting so excited!! <<---(woohoo!)

Expect plenty more wedding posts from here on out. Save-the-Dates went out yesterday, so I'll show you how we did those next week!

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  1. Love this place! So rustic but charming, I know another couple getting married here in July.

  2. it’s really pretty, I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  3. It looks awesome like this and when it’s decorated! I can’t wait! I’m available to help anyway I can…I may be huge in June but I will suck it up!! :)

  4. The raw space is outstanding and I bet with your creative muscles it will be one darn impressive wedding. Honestly the vision is the hardest part of the process.

  5. What was the contact info for the ackerhurst barn? We love the look but can’t find any information.

    • The contact is Cliff Feyerharm at (402)496-9576. However, I’m almost certain that they are no longer booking events, and are actually looking to sell the barn. I do remember coming across a barn in Blair called Scottlyn Yards during my search. Good luck!!

  6. I am looking for a place in the Omaha area to get married and have reception. We would like it outside, in a field then a bonfire reception. Do you know if the Barn offers the oustide with option of using inside incase of rain? If anyone knows of someplace let me know…thanks

    • Unfortunately, this barn went out of business for rentals. Apparently the fire code upgrades that they needed were too expensive! There was a barn in Blair that I stumbled upon (named something like Scotland Yards??), but I may have heard they are going out of business, too. Lastly, there is a barn at Bellevue Berry Farm that may work for you. I’m pretty sure they have bonfires there in the fall. Best of luck!!

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