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Barley Duane

Barley has been cracking me up lately. He is just over a year old and has such a fun personality. He's the kind of dog you'll find chasing butterflies in the backyard. He's really well-tempered and loves to play. Unfortunately for him, Stella doesn't indulge him very much. (She's gotten kind of crotchety over the last year. I think she still resents the fact that we brought a puppy into the house...and that he never left.)

Here are some of the things I've been loving about our B-man lately:

  • He knows the word "squirrel." We actually have to spell it out during everyday conversation or he goes crazy. Neither Katie nor I have seen the movie "Up", but we've been told there is a dog Barley can relate to in it.

(my birthday card from Katie this year)

  • He loves to just look out the window. Most of the time he's content to just watch quietly (he doesn't bark nearly as much as Stella), but if he spies a s-q-u-i-r-r-e-l or a big fat rabbit, you better look out because he's bolting to the door!
  • He stops in front of the door to let us wipe his paws. Which is great because I hate having to clean mud off of our furniture. He'll just stand there with a paw up, waiting for us. I think it helped that we taught him to "shake."
  • He loves to sleep on pillows. More specifically, he love to rest his head on pillows. It is so darn cute! That is, until you find him on your pillow in the bed.
  • He cries when anyone leaves the house. Maybe I shouldn't like this because he may genuinely be sad, but I just think it's so sweet. He wants you to stay!
  • He will drag the biggest stick he can find out of the brush pile to chew on. Kate finds this annoying, but I think it's hilarious to see our 20 pound dog chewing on and 8 foot long branch in the middle of the yard.
  • He will sit in the yard, under the trees, for hours watching the squirrels. I think he's hoping for one to just fall into his mouth. No such luck, yet. I swear they just hop from branch to branch, taunting him

So that's our Barley Duane. Yep, Duane is his middle name. We picked it because we thought it was a hilarious name for a dog, and it turns out that it suits him perfectly. Love you, little man!

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  1. Hey Lizz, Barley sure sound like a great dog :-) I had a similar one called Bobi that recently died of old age. It’s great to see that someone else is experiencing the same good times with a canine. I had so many laughs with Bobi, and I can see that you are having many laughs too – giving him a middle name like Duane ;-)

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