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Wedding Wednesday – 1 Month Out

Our wedding day is one month from today. Deep breath.

I was really worried about writing this post because I'm finally nearing my "freak out" point. Things are under control, but I can sense the edge is near. Not gonna lie, I'm feeling stretched thin and a bit overwhelmed. But so many people (so, so many!) have offered to help, so I'm ready to start handing things off. Our shower is on Friday night (woohoo!) and I'm going to relax and have a good time. I really want to focus on being present at all of our celebrations, because I know I won't get this time back. And really, handmade napkin rings are FAR less important than being with my friends and family.

Ok, so how is our list looking? Last month I left off with a "next up" list that looked like this:

  • Finish second registry.
  • Finalize/order invitations.
  • Finalize menu.
  • Order kegs.
  • Plan ceremony.
  • Schedule alterations.
  • Pick out gifts for wedding party etc.
  • Choose wedding music.
  • Decide on/make favors.

We've got quite a bit of that done, and more! Here's what we accomplished over the past month:

  • Finished second registry.
  • Finalized, ordered, and mailed invitations.
  • Designed and ordered thank-yous.
  • Ordered kegs.
  • Purchased wedding shoes.
  • Got our alterations done. (I'm picking up my dress tomorrow!)
  • Purchased most of our gifts.
  • Decided on favors and purchased supplies for them.
  • Made fabric pennants.
  • Designed napkin rings.
  • Started working on centerpieces.
  • Booked a day-of coordinator(!) (And by "booked" I mean "asked a friend". This has given me a lot of relief from fretting about wedding day logistics!)

But, still, much more to do:

  • Finalize menu.
  • Purchase food.
  • Purchase alcohol. (aside from kegs)
  • Plan ceremony. (Why is this so hard??)
  • Finish purchasing gifts.
  • Choose wedding music.
  • Order cake.
  • Make favors.
  • Finish napkin rings.
  • Finish centerpieces.
  • Plan rehearsal dinner.
  • Book our hotel room.
  • Build day-of timeline and coordination of events.
  • Book honeymoon.
  • Go on bachelorette party trip to NYC (!!)

Is it weird that that list doesn't look too bad to me? I'm using the trip to NYC to motivate me to get as much finished in the next 3 weeks as possible. I really want to just unplug and have a good time - not worry about what is left to be done.

I've started working on delegations. I wanted to have control over as much as I could - both because it's fun and because I wanted to put my mark on everything. But it's now time to hand things over. Here's how I'm thinking of dividing up work. (P.S. If you see your name here and I haven't talked to you yet, this is your warning!)

Pre-Wedding Day Tasks
Helper Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Task 5
Lizz finish pennants finish napkin rings book hotel room build day-of timeline build master check list
Kate music do/don't list
Lizz & Kate plan ceremony finish purchasing gifts order cake purchase alcohol book honeymoon
Mom finalize menu purchase food prep food
Dad pour Mom glasses of wine :)
Kate's Mom order food for rehearsal dinner plan rehearsal dinner
Pat finalize menu purchase food prep food
Jenny centerpieces decorations
Anna centerpieces favors
Sean & Dan organize bar essentials
Laura throw awesome couples shower
Erin throw awesome couples shower prep fruit skewers
Erica prep food
Katie S. prep s'mores treats
Emily reception layout decorations
Mine throw bachelorette party emotional support/jokes/drinks
Jonathan help finish napkin rings move button for Kate?
Wedding Day Tasks
Helper Task 1 Task 2 Task 3 Task 4 Task 5
Amy keep track of day-of timeline keep track of master check list
Mom transfer food to barn finish food
Pat transfer food to barn finish food
Erica transfer food to barn provide cooler with ice plate/organize food
Erin deliver fruit skewers provide cooler with ice
Katie S. deliver s'mores treats provide cooler with ice
Sean & Dan organize bar provide cooler with ice bring drinks to barn bring ice for kegs tap kegs
Anna supervise Sean & Dan make bar pretty

Wow, dishing out tasks is easier than I thought!

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  1. I really enjoy your blog..Thanks for sharing..
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  2. It just so happens that I am an EXCELLENT supervisor!! And making things pretty. :)

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