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Giant Jenga

Oh my goodness, I have so many posts in my backlog to finish! This weekend was amazing, and I can't wait to share about our awesome couple's shower as well as the Lincoln Half Marathon. However, I stayed up way too late working on wedding crafts, and now it's time for bed. So since I didn't finish my race recap, I thought I'd tell you (quickly) about something else super fun that I encountered this weekend...

Giant Jenga!

My friends, Brian & Jocelyn, plan the best parties. They love to invite people to their home, and always think of fun and creative ways to entertain us. Cinco de Mayo was no exception, complete with a Mexican food buffet, margarita bar, and the creepiest pinata I've ever seen. However, the star of the party had to be the giant Jenga game that they built!

This bad boy is made from 2x4's, and it was so much fun. We got into a very intense game between 2 teams, which had us all holding our breath. I never thought Jenga could be so competitive!

(It got taller than her!)

So that was just one of the exciting things I was up to this weekend. I'll be back with the rest!

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