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Wedding Wednesday – Couple’s Shower

A few months back, some of our close friends (Laura, Erin, and Bart) offered to throw us a couple's shower. Katie and I had pretty much written off the idea of a bridal shower(s?), but the way our friends suggested it made us reconsider. First of all, it involved our friends - not just our parents' friends. Secondly, they let us set the rules. We didn't have to open gifts in front of people. We didn't have to make wedding dresses out of toilet paper. And we got to pick the venue. Lastly (and possibly most importantly) they were completely on board with it being more like a cocktail party, and less like a typical bridal shower. Thank you to friends who understand us!!

First, let me tell you about the venue we chose. None of us have houses big enough to host 35 people, so we knew we'd have to look for a place to rent. We thought about restaurants, bars, community centers, and clubhouses, but nothing felt right. Then I thought of CAMP. CAMP is a coworking space located in the Mastercraft building in NoDo (just north of downtown Omaha) which houses local businesses, many of which are creative companies - interior design, graphic design, textiles, etc. CAMP is a loft-like space that has desks for rent to anyone wanting a place to work. It is an open, collaborative space that is designed to be interactive. It's so unique..and so cool! I learned about it when I joined a monthly craft group that meets there.

Laura, Erin, and Bart provided an amazing spread of food, a great bar, and festive decorations. And we can't forget dessert...red velvet cake balls, Oreo balls, and root beer floats!

Mingling and catching up was definitely the entertainment of choice, but we did happily participate in one game...which was a lot of fun! Laura asked us a series of "Newlywed" type questions, and we had to answer them individually. For anything we got wrong, we had to put a marshmallow in our mouths (a la "Chubby Bunny"), but if we got a question right, we could take one marshmallow out.

I think Kate was throwing the game just to get more marshmallows...

But I was intense...I wanted to win!

My 5-year-old nephew stole the show by asking us a question of his own, "When was the first time you met each other?"

Yeah, he's kind of a big deal...

All in all, it was such a great time, and I was sad when it ended.

(Me & my sis.)

(Kate getting a bear hug from her brother.)

Two Buck Chuck helped...

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  1. Have to admit that was one of the more enjoyable showers I’ve ever been to!

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