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Blizzard Prep

Winter weather is on its way, and I'm getting pretty excited!

Of course, heavy snow (they're talking 12 inches) can be dangerous and inconvenient, so I hope everyone stays safe and warm. Luckily we've had plenty of warning, so there has been time to prepare. Still, I'm sure the grocery stores will be unbearable tomorrow.

What do you do to prepare for a blizzard? I like to stock up on junk food and fruit. I also like to make sure there are a few things ready to keep us comfortable, safe, and responsible.

- Work From Home Access: I'm very lucky to have the option to work from home. Our at-home access is pretty slick, and almost everyone from the office is already planning on staying home Thursday. The flexibility is so nice.

- Treats: Unfortunately firefighters can't work from home, and Katie & her crew are scheduled to work through the worst of the storm. It'd be nice if they don't have many calls, but bad weather almost always means they'll be busy. (They respond to traffic accidents and medical calls, as well as fires.) I picked up some treats for them, just in case they need a mid-shift pick-me-up.


- Car Prep: Even though we hope to not be driving in the snow, it's still better to be prepared. Tomorrow we'll make sure both of the cars are gassed up, full of de-icer, and have some basic supplies stashed in the back, like extra gloves, a blanket, a window scraper, and a small shovel that can get under the car if it gets stuck.


- Snow Removal Prep: Gas for the snowblower is also on the list for tomorrow, as well as another quick lesson from Kate on how to use it. We've already picked up (animal friendly) ice melt for the walk.


- Entertainment: I plan on being snuggled up in the house all weekend. In order to not feel stir-crazy, I have on hand plenty of books to read, movies to watch, and a brand new puzzle to work on.


- Exercise: Although staying curled up on the couch for 4 days straight sounds like a great plan, I'm sure I'll be dying to move a little. I picked up these DVDs for a few bucks at Goodwill the other day and am planning on trying them out. I usually go to Body Pump on Thursday nights, but I'm almost positive I won't be making it this week. I've also got my bike set up on a trainer in the basement if I want to get some cardio in. (Thanks, Kate!) And let's not forget the wonderful workout that is shoveling!



Are you all ready for Winter Storm "Q"?

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  1. Adding snow shoveling to my “Things I don’t miss about the Midwest” list. And Birthday Cake Oreos?!? No way, Katie and her crew are some lucky kids.

    Stay warm and safe, looks like you are good to go!
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