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60 Day Challenge: Day 45 Update

I can't believe it's already time for another challenge update! These past 2 weeks have flown by because we've been so busy, busy, busy. (Side Note: our wedding is only 2.5 weeks away!!) I have to say, I think our challenge timing is pretty much perfect. We're definitely "in the groove" now, and just in time. Our days are pretty much maxed out with wedding tasks, so it's helpful to have a stocked kitchen and to be aware of options for dinners and snacks etc. At times like this, it'd be so easy to get stuck in a fast food rut. I'm glad we're to the point in the challenge where sautéed kale & eggs = fast food dinner and work cafeteria salad bar = fast food lunch.

Here's how the past couple weeks rounded out.

Overall: Great!! The "challenge" way of eating just feels like regular eating at this point. I even have indulgences that fit into the plan. I have noticed a few hardships, though. I don't enjoy eating in restaurants nearly as much. I find myself opting to eat at home more often because I know the food will be better. Gatherings are also difficult, and I found myself becoming quite jealous of the pizza my family was enjoying while I was "stuck" eating lentils.

Weight Change: 0 No change in my weight over the past 15 days, although I did lose another 1/2 inch from my waist. That puts me at 6.5 pounds and 3 inches down from the start.

Workouts: Runs: 3, Body Pump: 5, Other: 1 I haven't run since the half marathon last week. I'd like to, but I can't find the time. However, we have a fun run on Saturday, and I'm really hoping to get in at least one run around Central Park while we're in New York next weekend. I made it to all of my scheduled Body Pump classes (woohoo!), and bumped up my weight on the back, bicep, and shoulder tracks. I don't think of myself as a superficial person, but knowing wedding pictures will be taken in just a few short weeks really keeps me motivated!

Meals From a Salad Bar: 5 Packing lunches has become secondary to finishing wedding crafts...which means it's just not happening.

Deviations From the Plan: several?? I had my first, "I'm just going to eat whatever I fancy" experience at our couple's shower. Our friends put a lot of time and thought into the party, so I decided not to fret about what I was going to eat. Plus, the food was great! Unfortunately, my body did not agree. I felt like absolute garbage the next day. Sure, it was probably mostly due to the large amounts of Two Buck Chuck consumed at the end of the night, but I think the grains, dairy, and sugar were also culprits. (I had tortilla chips with cheese dip, ranch with my vegetables, and tortilla roll-ups containing cream cheese...as well as a cake ball and a root beer float.) Not only did I feel gross, but my skin broke out and I was quite sluggish. I don't blame any of the food or drinks in particular, I just think it was a shock to my body to reintroduce everything in such a short timespan.

But other than the party, I'm still doing fine day-to-day and can only think of a couple more small deviations: at our Mother's Day cookout, my veggie burger contained some brown rice flour and the pickles had added sugar.

New Discoveries: 2

  • Cassava Chips - I found these guys at Marshall's, and they've become a fast favorite - especially the salt & vinegar flavor. But along with the Terra chips and plantain chips that I mentioned in my last update, I think I'm going a little heavy on the convenience foods.

Coconut Ice Cream - This coconut milk ice cream is soy and dairy-free and sweetened with agave. The ingredient list is nice and short, although the price tag is not! A pint of this creamy goodness will set you back over $6 at my regular grocery store (Hy-Vee), although I just found it on sale at my back-up store (Baker's) for $3.99. My freezer is full and I am happy. Some nights I eat it with melted peanut butter and cocoa, and other nights I slice strawberries on top. I guess there are nights when I don't have any ice cream, but I was going at it pretty hard for a while there

Favorite Recipes: Can't get enough sweet potato hash with eggs or egg salad with avocado!

15 days to go!