Leading The Good Life

7 Day Vegan – Day 7

Well, this is it, the last day of the 7 Day Vegan Challenge! It has gone so well, and today was yet another success!

Breakfast was scrum-diddly-umptious! I had 2 frozen waffles (Van's Organic Flax), one with pecans and maple syrup, one with a simple strawberry syrup made from frozen strawberries and a touch of sugar. On the side was fruit salad.

This breakfast really brought me back. When I was younger, I almost always chose strawberry pancakes as my special birthday meal. On my 7th birthday, my mom woke me up and said "We're going to have a baby today! But before we go to the hospital, I'm going to make your strawberry pancakes." This was her 5th child, so she was an expert by then. ;)

I met my friends Laura and Eileen for lunch at an Italian buffet, Valentino's. I've found salad bars are a good bet for vegans - you get to choose exactly what goes on your plate!

(What looks like shredded cheddar is actually shredded carrots.)

I also had some pasta with marinara sauce, a slice of cheese-less pizza, and hash browns. Starch + tomato product seems to be the theme here.

And dinner was a homemade taco salad. I topped a bed of spinach with salsa, avocado, cilantro, and chickpeas that I warmed and mashed with chili powder and cumin.

I have really loved this challenge! It got me to plan my meals, which in turn got me to try new recipes and eat better. I had so many fruits and veggies this week, and I feel great. I don't think I can go full-on vegan right now, but I definitely want to strive to eat more vegan meals each week.

In other news, it was so warm today! It was sunny and got into the 60s. Pure craziness. :) I had to go into work for a little bit, so I decided to lace up my sneakers and run there! I live just over a mile from work, so I ended up running 3 miles in 27 minutes. Then I took Stella on a 1 mile walk, which completely wiped her out. She was having fun at first, but was not happy about the huge puddles that she had to wade through from all of the melting snow. Mwahaha. ;)

And so another weekend wraps up. Have a great Monday!