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Santa Fe – Drinks & Drinks & Drinks

While in Santa Fe, we stumbled upon a really delicious beer: Santa Fe Nut Brown.

We saw it on tap everywhere, so we gave it a try and loved it. Then Kate got the idea to look up the brewery (Santa Fe Brewing Co), and we were able to join a tour on Saturday!

My favorite part of brewery tours is always the bottling line.

Well, that and the tastings.

Kate also found a chocolate shop that specializes in drinking chocolates: Kakawa Chocolate House.

Kate ordered a bitter, spicy, non-sweet variety (I believe she asked for the "gnarliest" one) and I got one that was sweet and floral. (I liked Kate's better.)

Back at the resort, we got a couple of fancy cocktails.

Mine was a spin on a French 75. Instead of gin, Champagne, lemon juice, and sugar, it was a mix of tequila, sparkling wine, and blood orange juice.

Kate got a "skinny margarita" which used lime juice instead of sweetened margarita mix.

This is Kate's "What am I doing ordering tequila?!" face.

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