Leading The Good Life

Thrift Store Art

Have you ever found art at the thrift store for your home? I always look but haven't uncovered much. Most of it seems like generic hotel decor or framed posters. But just this week I found 2 pieces that I deemed good enough to bring home. And for $6 total, I think I scored a deal.

For some reason I was really, really drawn to this painting. Love the mint + peach + pink + blue. It's watercolor on some sort of paint board, and I thought it was pretty and original. There are a few places where drips of something have smudged the paint, but I still love it. I think I'll hang it next to my vanity/accessories cabinet in our bedroom.


The second piece is a framed print by an artist named Korber. (I've tried finding out more about it with no luck.) I like the colors and think it will look good in either the living room or the den.


Both of these are in 19" x 23" frames. Most of the things we have hanging on our walls currently are pretty small (like on our gallery wall), so I'm happy to have some larger art to display.

Have you had luck finding art in thrift stores? Do I need to try estate sales instead? Anyone in Omaha know of good places to look?