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The Perfect Backpack

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was shopping for a backpack. I cannot believe how much time and energy I ended up spending on that effort! However, I think it was all worth it. I found exactly what I was looking for and a great deal to go along with it. I ended up getting Katie one, as well, and she likes it just as much as I do. You may have noticed them in my last post about traveling to Massachusetts.


I ended up ordering 2 Herschel Little America backpacks in the mid-volume size. This is a new size, and perfect for what we were looking for. I ruled out the original Little America backpack early on because it was too big, even though I really liked the style. The Retreat was a good next option, but I hated that the front pocket didn't close. Then I spied this mid-size option, and realized it was the best of both worlds.


It is 15" tall (perfect for our 5'2" & 5'5" frames), and has a padded sleeve that can hold up to a 15" laptop, a front pocket with zipper closure,  comfortable straps, and the flap-top with (faux) leather straps look that I love.

On the Herschel website, one of these guys will set you back $90. Even though it was perfect, I didn't want to spend that much. A little bit of searching pointed me to zumiez.com, which had a few colors on clearance. And (bonus!) they were buy one get one 50% off! I was able to get one for myself and one for Kate for less than the cost of one full-price. They only had orange and yellow available, but luckily I liked both colors. And it made the decision process all that much easier.


The packs were great for traveling - both in the airport and on our day trips to the lake and RI. And as if I needed any more convincing that I made the right choice, we spotted 2 other (very stylish ;) ) people sporting them on our trip, and Kate saw something very similar in a fall fashion magazine. Trend-setters, I tell ya.