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Chicago Day 3 – Running & Walking

This is the last of my Chicago trip posts...did you catch the rest?

My last day in Chicago started with a group fun run. I fueled with a Glo Bar that we got in our swag bags. I was so excited to finally get to taste one of Angela's creations! The Empower flavor is coffee with dark chocolate - yum!

Aren't the custom labels cool?!

There were probably 60 or so people that got up early to run or walk together. I joined the 10K group, which consisted of about 15 people.

We ran along the Lakefront Trail, which had a lot to offer - a safe running path, water fountains every mile or so, and gorgeous views!

After the run, we headed back to the hotel for the Thomas' Bagel Thins Bon Voyage Breakfast. There was a giant spread of fruit, eggs, and sausages, but the star of the show was the make-your-own-cream cheese station! They had everything you could imagine to choose from to mix into your cream cheese - both sweet and savory.

I went with a veggie version: cucumbers, carrots, scallions, sun dried tomatoes, and capers. It was really  good! I had it on an Everything Bagel Thin, along with fruit and eggs.

That was the last of the Healthy Living Summit events. Thank you to all of the sponsors....and thank you to the planning committee!

Meghann, Heather, Caitlin, Tina, and Kath (not pictured)

After breakfast, I packed up and checked out of the hotel. But since I had an evening flight, I had several hours to kill. Luckily the hotel had a bag check where I could leave my suitcase while I explored the city. It was a beautiful, sunny day - great for walking around.

As I walked, I drank the Solixir drink that was part of our swag bag. I really, really liked this! It was fruity bubbly water, that wasn't sweet.

I hopped across the street to Millennium Park. The  side I entered from had lots of fountains and gardens.

Then I made my way over to the sculptures.

Of course I had to take about a million pictures with "The Bean." :)

Can you see me?

A shot from inside/underneath.

After all that photo-taking, I was hot, hungry, and thirsty. I stopped at a little grab-n-go cafe that some of the other summit-ers had recommended.

And then my last stop in the Windy City was the Art Institute of Chicago. It seemed like the perfect place to be that afternoon - quiet, calm, and air-conditioned. :) Plus, it wouldn't leave me with more things to pack like shopping would!

I could have used way more than 2 hours in the museum, but at least I had enough time to hit my top interests: The Miniature Rooms, Architecture and Design, Photography, and Impressionist Paintings. I was about half-way through my time at the museum before I realized we were allowed to take (non-flash) photos.

These miniature rooms were built on a scale of 1 inch to 1 foot! Of course, my favorites were the kitchens with their teeny tiny pots and pans. :)

The museum has an amazing collection of European paintings. I don't know that much about art, but I know I like Impressionism. And I always find it incredible to see works by famous artists in person. While standing in front of Water Lilies, my mind sounded something like, "I can't believe Monet...THE Monet, painted this picture that is right in front of me! Up until now I've only seen it printed on umbrellas and VISA cards and jigsaw puzzles!"

After my lovely afternoon alone, it was time to hop on the L to the airport, and then home.

Thanks, Chicago, I had fun! On an amusing note, Katie just got back from her own little trip to Chicago (we each had conferences there - just on different weekends!) While I was in Chicago I took 305 pictures. Katie took 12. :)