Leading The Good Life

Marathon Excitement

Aaaaahhhhh!!! I can't believe the marathon is this weekend!!

I think the fact that I committed to this marathon so late is making it hard for me to wrap my head around it. I keep finding myself surprised that it's this upcoming Sunday. I've been doing everything I can to get in the zone this week:

  • I drove the marathon course and it really is nice and flat. I've also been helping my cheer squad find good places to stand that are easy to get to and have ample parking.
  • I watched Spirit of the Marathon, which is available on Netflix and Hulu. I've seen it before, and it's such a nice way to get pumped up. My heart was racing (no pun intended) when they showed race day morning.
  • I went to PT for a tune-up and had a great appointment! I got aligned and loosened up, and now I'm much less worried about my knees. (I don't think I'll ever be 100% worry-free.)
  • I listened to my favorite running music. Lately I've been doing my mid-week runs on the treadmill, and I like to read while doing so. I don't listen to music on my long runs because I'm busy chatting with my friends. So when I popped my headphones in at work the other day, I got a burst of excitement to hear the playlist I used earlier in the year.
  • I've been getting into marathon head space. I don't want to show up at the starting line and think, "Holy crap, am I really doing this today?!" I guess there's always a bit of that, but I'm trying to prep myself by thinking about the race ahead of time.
  • I've been going over past races. Sure, my last marathon was not so great, but I'm reminding myself that it has nothing to do with this race. I'm also trying to remind myself how amazing it feels to cross that finish line.
  • I've been making a mental list of tips and tricks that I may need to utilize during rough spots of the race. Things like: break up the race into 5 mile sections; play the "what would I do if I won the lottery" game if I need a distraction; if my knee starts to hurt, stop and do my stretches; focus on breathing and posture; dedicate the next mile to someone dear to me, and think about them the entire time; walk breaks can save you!
  • I bought my fuel and washed my race day outfit so there are no last-minute prep emergencies.
  • I summed up all of the miles I've run in preparation for this race as a reminder that I am, in fact, prepared. (400!!)
  • I have a carb-loading date with my running friends set up for Friday night. It will be nice to be surrounded by people who know exactly what I'm going through!
  • I've checked the weather - and have been pleasantly surprised! It's looking good for running (knock on wood!) and GREAT for spectating on Sunday.


Just a couple more days!!