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A Quick Weekend (not so far) Away

This summer has been crazy at work, which means there has been no time for vacation. Katie and I have been counting down the weeks until October & November, when things will finally have settled down, and we can get away. When we realized we both had Labor Day weekend off, we decided to make a mini vacation out of it.

Kate got tickets to the first Husker game of the season (Go Big Red!) so we hopped down to Lincoln on Friday after work. We met up with a couple of her firefighter buddies for dinner, drinks, and a torrential downpour. It was fun!

We got a hotel room right downtown, which meant we were able to park the car in the hotel lot and walk wherever we needed to go. It was so nice to not have to fight crowds, look for parking, or worry about who was going to drive.

The game was Saturday afternoon, so we got up and walked to a little cafe for breakfast. Although it seemed most of the city was drinking beer for breakfast, I opted for a big ol' muffin and part of Kate's veggie breakfast burrito.

Our seats were awesome - 5 rows back on the 40 yd line! And the sold-out stadium was it's usual sea of red.

During half-time, we headed out for some food and drinks (no alcohol at the stadium.) We must have been starving because we ended up with a cookie and beers that were bigger than our heads!

This morning, we stopped at Bread & Cup for breakfast before heading out of town. It was so very nice outside, so we sat on the patio.

I got a yummy Eggs Benedict with tomatoes instead of Canadian bacon.

I also shared a yogurt and fruit parfait with Kate. (Which had watermelon in it...weird, right?)

When we got back to the house, we were greeted with Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Best. Dog Sitter. Ever.

I think the dogs liked him, too. Barley is still waiting for him to come back.

So although Lincoln may not be our vacation destination of choice, it was great to have a quick getaway to just relax and have a little fun. Plus we still have tomorrow off!

Happy Labor Day weekend!!