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Happy Birthday, Baby D!

I'm moving my Wedding Wednesday post to tomorrow because...today is Stella's birthday!!!

Actually, we don't know when her exact birthday is, but we declared it as June 1st nearly 5 years ago, when we got her.

Wasn't she just the tiniest, cutest little thing?!

I love her. She is my favorite little girl pup.

We're close friends. I talk to her. Aloud. A lot. I think Katie worries about me, but I promise it's a healthy relationship.

She's my bestest little bud!

Don't get me wrong, Kate is quite fond of her, too.

We celebrated with pupcakes for the pups...

...and cookies for the mamas.

And, yes, we sang 'Happy Birthday' to her. Would you expect anything less from a girl who gets her dog Christmas jammies and a stocking full of toys? :)

Happy Birthday, sweet Stella Marie!