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An Awesome Run Brought to You by Body Pump

I had an awesome run tonight. Maybe it was because it was 65 degrees outside. Maybe it's because I've been doing most of my runs on the treadmill lately. But I'm pretty sure it's because of Body Pump.

As soon as I headed out on the trail tonight, I felt strong. Like I was standing more upright. And even though I was running into the wind for the first half, I felt fast. Since it was getting dark, I had a hard reading my Garmin, but I thought I saw something around 12 minutes at the 1.5 mile mark.

I turned around, now with the wind at my back, and coasted in. Ok, that's a lie. I pushed hard. It did not feel easy. But I knew I could pace at under 8 minutes if I kept it up.

I stopped as soon as I heard my Garmin beep at 3 miles. No tacking on a 4th. No eking it out to 3.1. I was finished. After catching my breath, I finally got a glimpse at my time... 23:30! That's a 7:49 pace (!!) And my splits were 8:02, 7:50, 7:36. Holy cow! Those are not times that I can usually pull off.

So, why do I attribute this to Body Pump? Well, I haven't been focusing on my running all that much. I've been doing my typical 3 runs per week, but nothing especially tough. However, Body Pump has definitely been making me stronger. Leg strength (obviously), core strength, and even upper body strength are important for running. I've been doing my 2 mid-week runs at an 8:30 - 9:00 pace on the treadmill right before 60 minutes of Body Pump, which I think has been helping my endurance, as well.

So, yeah, Body Pump. Love it. I love that it's making me stronger, helping my running, and making exercise fun for me again. I look forward to it every week!