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The New Brick Workout

If you've trained for a triathlon, duathlon, or other multi-sport race, you've probably done a few brick workouts in your day. These are 2 workouts of different disciplines done back-to-back to help simulate race conditions. So you may swim and then bike, or bike and then run, etc.

I am not training for a triathlon (the swimming part scares me!), but I ventured out on my own brick workout of sorts today...mainly because there were 2 free activities on the calendar that I didn't want to miss: hiking and yoga.

Did you know that first Saturday of June is National Trails Day?? To celebrate, Fontenelle Forest offered several guided hikes this morning! I met up for the challenging hike, and had a really nice time with our small group of 5.

I wasn't sure what to expect from a guided hike, but our leader was very knowledgeable, didn't talk too much, and knew his way around quite well. It was kind of nice to just follow along instead of worrying about which turns to make and if I was reading the map correctly. I felt like I had more time to just look around and observe. And there was a lot to see!

We noticed circles here and there that looked charred, as if something had been burned there. Our guide told us that they were the result of lightning strikes! Apparently Cottonwood trees get very brittle once they are large, so if they are struck by lightening they just burn to a crisp.

It was explained that the large, 10ft circular dips in the earth that we saw were remains from Native American hogans, which were something like dirt igloos. Pretty cool!

Another cool thing I learned is that the Loess Hills along the Missouri River were not formed from bedrock, but are rather piles of dust from the last Ice Age. The only other ones like it can be found in China, along the Yellow River. (You can see the hills in the background of this photo, between the trees.)

Of course, there were animals to be seen as well. There were 3 deer sightings, 2 turkey spottings, and a sweet crane flew overhead.

Unfortunately, we had to cut the hike short due to overwhelming mosquitoes. Still, we managed to get in a good 2.75 miles. Great way to start the day!

The yoga class I went to was another community class at One Tree Yoga. And I have to say, this was the best yoga class I have ever been to! It was small (only 6 students) and the instructor, Regina, was playful and fun. We did lots of binds and releases, so my body just felt really good when I left.

I thought ahead and juiced an apple, an orange, and some spinach to have after class. It tasted SO good!

And now I'm off to enjoy a free outdoor concert with Laura. Lots of playing today!

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