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2011 Goals

You can see my original 2011 goal setting post here.

2011 Goals

(updates/progress in red)


  • Keep to my physical therapy plan. - I know I want to keep running. And I can still remember how disappointed I was when I injured my knee at the end of my marathon. I need to get my body healthy and strong! update: I started slacking, but just got some new exercises to try. Now that I've started running again, I am more motivated to stick to my plan! update2: No more PT! I have been cleared with just a couple of maintenance exercises to build strength.
  • Set a Half Marathon PR. - This will be hard, but I'm up for a challenge! Since we are planning our wedding for the fall, I'm afraid I won't have time to train for a marathon this year (don't quote me on that!) Instead, I'm going to focus a bit more on speed. My current half marathon PR is 1:55:27, which was set in 2009 (my first half!).
  • Incorporate strength training. - Up until now, all of my race training has been running. I know strength training will be so beneficial, and I'm finally willing to give it a shot. update: Will start after physical therapy is over. For now, that will be my strength training. update2: doing maintenance strengthening exercises since cleared from PT.


  • Continue regular check-ups. - I'm finally up to date on all of my appointment, and I want to keep it that way. This includes going to the dentist, doctor, and optometrist.
  • Floss 3+ times per week. - I know it should be every day, but I've got to start somewhere. update: I am totally in the habit of flossing every night...I've even noticed that my gums bleed far less! However, I now have to clean my bathroom mirror much more often. ;)


  • Find something that works for me at my job. - Sorry to be so generic about this one, I know it needs a bit of refining. I have been talking to my boss about finding projects that appeal to me more and use my skills. I'm going to keep this discussion open, and regularly asses how I'm feeling about my job.
  • Increase blog readership by 15%. - I can't really consider blogging as a job, but I'd like to! It's something I really like to do and want to challenge myself with. update: I have been blogging more regularly. I started 'Wedding Wednesdays', which will hopefully keep me accountable for wedding planning.


  • Set a general house budget. - I don't want to micromanage our finances right now, but I'd like a better idea of where our money is going. I also want to set up a better savings plan, for both wedding and non-wedding items.


  • Plan our wedding. - And don't kill each other in the process. :) update: We finally set a date and booked a venue!
  • Have 2 date nights per month. - We usually spend our free evenings together anyway, but I like when we actually plan to go out and do something. It gives me something to look forward to (and dress up for!) update: complete for February! update2: done for March...April might be tricky b/c lots of weekend travel for racing & football
  • Have people over at least 4 times. - I don't know why we don't do this already. I think I worry too much that our house is too small for a group of people. Or that I'll try to 'plan' too much and stress myself out. Either way, I'm gonna do it this year.
  • Keep in touch with out-of-town friends. - I'll admit it, I'm a bad long distance friend. But I don't have to be. I've realized that it's hard to make friends as an adult, and I really miss some of the friendships I left behind in college. I want to make them part of my life again. update: Mailed some things to friends & family in February. update2: Contacted a few more friends & family in March/April


  • Volunteer. - I want to find an organization that I really believe in and give it some of my time. I also want to volunteer at more races, to give back to a community that has given me so much.
  • Read 10 books. - Honestly, this might be the goal I'm scared of the most. I am a really slow reader. And although I enjoy reading, I don't find myself doing it very often. But Iwant to read. And I think there is time in my life for reading, I've just filled it with computer time. In addition to challenging myself to read 10 books this year, I am also challenging myself to read different kinds of books. I will aim to read at least 2 books from these 4 categories: classics, non-fiction, biography/memoir, outside recommendation (i.e. not something I picked out myself.) update: Read The Sweet Hereafter from the miscellaneous category, almost finished with In Defense of Food from non-fiction, and just began the classic, Wuthering Heights.
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